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26 août 2009 3 26 /08 /août /2009 12:57

Proposal from the French-speaking Unitarian Church about a trip in 2012 by European track cycling EV6 to visit the Unitarian churches in Hungary and Transylvania.

the website is : 

Local authorities from various European states have made great efforts to set up a bike trail along the fluvial waterways from Saint-Nazaire, at the estuary of the Loire river in France, to Tulcea, at the estuary of the Danube in Romania. Now the European bike trail is ready for use. As it is longing the waterways, it has no serious elevation and can even people with low sport capacities can take the trail and people can expect to make 80 to 100 km per day by bike.
This bike trail follows the rivers Loire, Rhine and Danube.

For example, it takes 28 days (almost a month) from Saint-Nazaire (France) in Budapest (Hungary), or 2 456 km, with the middle stages of 88 km, with a reduction to 15 days for most athletics who can do twice more miles per day (which is perfectly possible because of lack of relief and fluidity of movement that is not hampered by traffic jams and stop).

This makes it possible to organize a cycling expedition, from Saint-Nazaire (France) to Budapest (Hungary) to go and visit our historic church in Transylvania. From Gyor (even before arriving in Budapest) could start the visit of Unitarian congregations, or 5 days of travel in Hungary (Budapest to Oradea) and 11 days for Transylvania (Romania).

The month of June could be devoted to travel to Budapest by cyclists (with possibly two groups, one - for seniors - making the trip in a month and the other - younger - making the same travel faster in 15 days) and other participants from other means of transport : by car, train or plane could join them for a large gathering in Budapest in early July, and finally bring cyclists by car up to Transylvania. Returns to locate from the second half of July, could be by plane or by train or by bike for the more adventurous and have the time.

Wearing a T-shirt for cyclists and other participants referring to the purpose for this trip : "the Transylvanian Unitarian Church * / founded 1568 / I'm going to visit my church by bike / trail through the European EV6 / Saint-Nazaire - Budapest / 2 500 km '* with Coat of Arms of the Church on the cuffs. Leaflets will also be distributed, noting in particular that Transylvania was the first, by the Edict of Turda in 1568, to proclaim religious tolerance between Catholics, Protestants and Unitarians.

You can count on the participation of North Americans who will arrive in Nantes by plane, then rent bikes on site; on the way of trail EV6 young Unitarians other European countries that will join ; finally welcoming congregations we visit. The media (press, radio and local and regional television stations) will be interested. The French channel TF1 broadcast these days a series of reports on the EV6 : the subject becomes trendy. Sponsors (local governments that intend to promote their development work ; hotels , restaurant and campground located along the EV6, and companies working in Hungary and Romania, etc..) will provide support. This project will give us an opportunity to get the attention of the media and enjoy a trail using ecological means of transport (bike)

Our Church, the French speaking Unitarian Church, is the initiator. Therefore, it opens a rubric on its website (in French and English) to monitor the progress of the project. Once the project launched, an organizing committee (this time off Church) will be held with participants concrete in order to raise funds.

The period of June-July 2012 could be used as it would give us the time to organize the operation and find sponsors.

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Published by Eglise unitarienne francophone - dans la Transylvanie en vélo par EV6
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